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With increased demand on security measures, modern technology has resorted to the use of open platform to try and meet these demands. Open platform refers to the integration of varied modern technologies in computer knowledge to produce an equipment with high performance quality. This integration involves both software and hardware combinations. The needs of human race are varied and become more complex as year's progress. Many people are in need of equipments they can easily manipulate to meet their personal needs for instance; one may be interested in operating a video that can merge the past to the present and if possible speculate the future.
Focusing on security measures in institutions, use of open platform videos have increased as they are efficient and cheap. One video can cover a large area and works throughout the day. If security guards are to be used, many people will be employed since they will work on shifts. These guards can also collude with the thieves and eventually deter their level of efficiency. Institutions like banks, schools, and hospitals largely use these videos to manage their operations as concerns security. The videos can be fixed at hidden locations where they can record exact information on an event. The videos can then be used as tools of evidence other than relying on guards to give evidence at time of need. Evidence from videos is unquestionable as the pictures concur with the sounds.

There is a general move from analog equipments to digital ones. This has provided a large room for open platform equipments to be manufactured. The developers have a task of discovering latest technologies to outdo one another in their new designs. Most developers are resorting to finding information from the users then using the information to design both the software and hardware. When the consumer or the vendor's needs are used to design both the hardware and software, chances of wastage are greatly reduced. The developer will ensure that the needs of the consumer or vendor are met such that when the equipment is introduced to the market, they are all consumed. Manufacturing equipments based on the users comfort will also lead to a decrease in insecurity issues. Equipment may be designed in such a way that it is only the developer and the owner who can operate the equipment. In such circumstances, in the event of burglary, the equipment will not operate when handled by those who do not know how to operate it. Homes, offices and recreation centers will therefore remain secure. New equipments designed according to the needs of the vendors or consumers will provide an open platform system where the consumer and the manufacturer combine an efficient and effective solution to various problems experienced in computers and technology.
Machines initially manufactured without open platform involvement, have low performance quality. These machines are used for a short period then dumped. This leads to pollution which is currently a global menace. The hardware's are non biodegradable and therefore cannot be buried. The other option for disposing of these equipments is through burning. Burning will lead to introduction of toxic gases in the environment. The ideal solution to all these problems is the use of open platform systems.
Looking at security measures, use of open platform remote surveillance software in common places like buildings, planes or trains can greatly help in managing disasters. The planned or organized accidents will be detected early and necessary adjustments organized to avoid the tragedies. Foiling of such accidents will lead to longer and peaceful life span of people and the equipments. This will also disable the organized gangs leading to a peaceful interaction. Peaceful coexistence will improve production of these equipments as the market will be larger and demand will be high.

As demand increases, the developers will have a big task of ensuring that they meet the demands of the consumers. This will also lead to competition amongst the developers in trying to produce the most friendly and manageable software and the most attractive hardware. In general the current generation needs open platform systems in digital IP SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS for peacefull coexistence with one another either as countries ,nations or generations.

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